A brief Summary

After working over 25 years in the mobile communications industry, from graduate to executive, I am eager to take on new challenges, even in other industries. In the latter part of my Vodafone career I was responsible for managing a portfolio of research programmes each comprising of dozens of projects. My focus was on delivering innovation into the business and the priority was disruptive technologies.

I decided to refresh my system design and development management skills, by working in a ?start-up? business for an intensive two years. Having completed development of its initial product suite, exploiting proprietary Active RFID, I am looking again for employment in a sub-contract or permanent capacity.

I have significant experience in:

·                The general management of corporate research and development;

·                Structured and practical methods for defining, executing and managing large programmes to successful conclusion; including change programmes;

·                2G-GSM/EDGE, 3G-UMTS/HSPA, IMS, 4G-LTE, RFID & Satellite systems

·                The analysis, architecting, design, development, deployment and operation of hardware, software, systems, networks, protocols, databases and support processes; Product development, ranging from consumer electronics to large telecoms network nodes.

·                Technology research and analysis, including RF propagation models, solar incident radiation models, Monte Carlo system simulations;

·                Current software technologies, for example: .Net & ASP.NET 4.0; WPF; WCF; C#; Silverlight and SQL Server 2008R2.

·                The production of business models, developing commercial rationale and proposing strategic change;

·                Contract negotiation for major procurements and collaborations;

·                Manufacturing, operations, network management and support services;

I have a proven track record in providing leadership and driving innovation in mobile communications research and development. Spending the last two years with a start-up has allowed me to sharpen many practical skills and given me a holistic view of building a disruptive technology business.

Now I look forward to meeting your challenge.

To make contact please Email me at:


I am based near Winchester, Hampshire, England.

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