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I have been working in the communications industry for over 25 and have been lucky enough to gain a very broad range of experience. A summary of key skills and experience is given below.

Product, Tool and Process Innovation – I have always tried to bring new thinking and approaches to the varied challenges I have been given. I tend to be an active contributor in most problem solving situations, generating many original ideas, a number of which have been patented or embedded into product. On the other hand I am (usually) open to the ideas of others, and am a reasonably good listener.

Product and Service Development - Substantial experience of product research, design, development, manufacture and test; both of complex hardware (RF & Digital), software (Embedded & Bootstrapped OS) commercial systems. As well as Cellular BSS/RAN development if have also led the architectural design and deployment of bespoke internal information (Relational Database, MRP, PIM, ERP) systems and customer facing services.

Systems Analysis and Architecture Development – A significant part of my working life has involved performing systems analysis, simulation, evaluation and architecture development of one form or another. I have received training in Structured Analysis and Information Modelling (E.g. UML) and keep up to date with current architecture frameworks (E.g. Zachman) and methodologies (E.g. Agile).

Project and Programme Management (Execution)– Jointly planned and managed the software side of a 200 man year collaborative development for a GSM BSC, with Matra Communications of France. The product was delivered within agreed timescales and budget. As IT Manger, led a programme to integrate a new Product Information Management system with an existing and ‘live’ MRP system. Experienced in effective leadership of distributed teams.

Commercial Negotiation – Actively involved in negotiation of many complex commercial agreements and contracts (E.g. PIM & MRP systems for Orbitel, Globalstar Gateway & Terminals plus 3G Network supply agreements for Vodafone).

Intellectual Property – Policy establishment, portfolio creation & management – The research and development functions I have managed have led Vodafone through establishing IP Policies, creating an IP portfolio and defending against IP claims.

Staff Management – Have managed teams of over 40 in Orbitel and 70 in Vodafone. In Orbitel I managed teams distributed across 3 sites and 3 countries. I have experience of applying Management by Objectives and implementing a system of performance metrics.

Change Management – Successfully introduced a whole new product development life cycle with Orbitel that necessitated substantial changes to working practices and culture.

Programme Management, Service Management, Business and Quality Improvement (Methodologies) – Have had exposure to a wide range of business and process improvement methodologies: E.g. PMBOK, Prince2, ITIL-SM, SWOT, GAP Analysis, KPIs, Benchmarking, Dashboard, TQM, Lean, Six-Sigma, and Outsourcing.

Budget Management – Have justified, won and managed budgets of >£10million pounds per annum. And had signing authority for >£100k.

Business Modelling – Have been involved in the development of a number of whole business models and the development of numerous business cases.  Hence I am familiar with financial functions such as DCFs, NPVs, EBITDAs, WACC & Terminal Values.  Examples are Orbitel restructuring plan, Globalstar Gateway Operator Business and 3G Network Operator Business.

Business Restructuring – Played a significant part in a small team formulating the restructuring of Orbitel and subsequent activities to turn the business around. I have also had a shaping and implementation role in various Vodafone re-organisations both in Vodafone UK and Vodafone Group.

Regulatory Affairs – Have regularly been responsible for the representation of Vodafone interests, especially in the satellite arena to the EC, DTI, RA, ITU-R, WRC and other regulatory bodies.

Strategy Development – In my most recent roles I am involved in the development of strategies to deal with emerging or disruptive technologies. The work includes identifying / shaping new value chains, business models, service propositions and strategic partners.

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